Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi Tickets

Sprawling across 37 acres of land, Yas Waterworld offers a thrilling and unique experience with its many rides and slides to its visitors. Ensuring endless fun and including amazing activities to be enjoyed with your entire family, buying Yas Waterworld Tickets are the best way to have a great day at Yas Island. With around 40 or more rides spread across its entire area, the waterpark has something for each age and each member of your family/ group. It is the ultimate water adventure experience that Yas Island and Abu Dhabi offer to its guests.

The theme park is divided into different thrill levels, each one suitable for different age groups. From roaring rides that will give you a rush of adrenaline to the slippery slides where you will land in a splash, there is a lot to explore and enjoy. Take a chance at the world's largest surfable sheet wave, or take the plunge down one of the most popular slides of the theme park - slither slide. When tired of the rush, sit back and just relax at the lazy river, floating with the flow. Yas Waterworld Tickets give access to many of its popular rides like the Dawwama, Rush Rider, Liwa Loop, Yadi Yas, and others.

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Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi Combo Deals

Yas Waterworld Tickets are available for purchase both online and offline at the ticket counter at the theme park. However, it is advisable that visitors pre-book their tickets with online platforms to ensure a smooth and hassle-free entry as most days they will find a queue at the counter. When booking an online ticket, you also get a great deal of discounts on the Yas Waterworld Ticket price and the booking is confirmed instantly from any part of the globe.

The Yas Waterworld price of the online package also includes combo meals and is applicable for the entire day. It is best to book the tickets beforehand at such great deals and with additional inclusions. Visitors to Yas Island can also book a package that includes additional attractions and transfer services for a more comfortable tour of the island.

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Yas Waterworld ticket options

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
Ferrari World and Yas Waterworld Tickets

Including two of the best interactive experiences at the Yas island. This Yas Waterworld Tickets option let's visitors enjoy the thrill and excitement of the Ferrari World and also the various slides and rides at the Yas Waterworld. Get your heart pumped with adrenaline as you race around at the Ferrari World and then take a dip into the water to beat the heat at the Yas Waterworld. The 20 thrilling rides of Ferrari World in addition to the 40+ rides at the Yas Waterworld are a dream come true for adventure seekers.

Warner Bros World
Warner Bros. World + Yas Waterworld Tickets

The best opportunity for thrill seekers and adventure junkies, visitors get to enjoy the best of Abu Dhabi theme parks in one ticket. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you hop from one amazing theme park to the other. Experience exciting rides at the Warner Bros World and the Yas Waterworld. Also, meet your favourite Warner Bros characters and watch their lives come to reality in the best interactive experiences.

Emirates Park Zoo
Yas Waterworld tickets + Emirates Park Zoo Tickets

Enjoy the big savings on your Yas Waterworld Tickets as you get to enjoy two amazing tourist attractions of the Yas Island under one ticket. Explore the nature and wildlife at the Emirates Zoo park, as you get to meet the 1700 endangered animals and enjoy a lush green landscape. Later on enjoy the thrill and rush as you hop skip and jump from one ride to another at the Yas Waterworld. With 40+ rides and some unique experiences, the water park is great to spend time after exploring the zoo.

Why Visit Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi?

  • Enjoy surfing at the world's largest sheet wave in the most amazing Water Park in Abu Dhabi with your Yas Waterworld Tickets.
  • Feel the adrenaline rush from rides such as the 6-person water coaster, which will take you through various landscapes.
  • The Yas Waterworld Price of the tickets for adventure and excitement from the rides is far less compared to the joy that it brings as the whole family can spend the day together, enjoying around more than 40 rides.
  • Divided into 6 different thrill levels across the 37 acres, the adventure Waterpark has rides suitable for all age groups.
  • Book your Yas Waterworld Tickets to enjoy the world's first and the largest hydro magnetic-powered six-person tornado water slide - Dawwama.
  • Learn about the Yas Waterworld and take passes that will ensure your day at the great place to cool off the heat in the summer season as you are surrounded by water all day.
  • Visitors get to explore unique and wonderful pearl-diving exhibits in their Yas Waterworld Tickets upon their visit.
  • The theme park also has an interesting and vibrant souk inside on its 37 acres of land, where you can indulge in shopping for goodies.

Experiences Offered in Yas Waterworld Tickets

Yas Waterworld Tickets open a whole new world for unique experiences to be enjoyed by the visitors. From the unique experience of Pearl diving to the relaxing time visitors can spend in Al Waha Cabanas, there is just something for everyone. Visitors can relax, indulge in these wonderful experiences, or watch their loved ones have fun at the theme park activities. Apart from its 40 + amazing rides, these experiences are a major reason why so many people visit the waterpark. Most of these experiences are group activities that one can enjoy with their family and friends.

Underwater VR Experience
Underwater VR Experience

Yas Waterworld has UAE's very first virtual reality experience that visitors can enjoy underwater with the backdrop of such a fun and adventurous theme park. Book Now Yas Waterworld Tickets and take a dive into the beautiful world of virtual reality as you and your friends experience a unique and wonderful journey. Visitors can choose from 4 different scenarios and backdrops for their experience.These include taking a dive into the ocean or gliding over the high peaks of rocky mountains or maybe even floating in outer space. They even get the option to go swimming with seals and interact with them. Booking for experiences is available at the theme park itself only.

Pearl Diving Experience
Pearl Diving Experience

A very beautiful and unique experience that pays tribute to the Emirati pearl diving culture, this experience at Yas Waterworld offers guests a chance to enjoy oyster fishing. Adults and children above the age of 8 can dive into the underwater tank and fish out beautiful oysters with some stunning pearls inside them. Guests can even get these pearls made into souvenir jewelry to take back with them as a reminder of their amazing time at the theme park. Yas Waterworld offers a photographer for the entire time to get pictures of you or the kids underwater.

Al Waha Cabans
Al Waha Cabanas

The perfect spot to relax and rest in between the adventurous and thrilling day with your family or friends is Al Waha Cabanas. These private cabanas are not included in the Yas Waterworld Ticket price and have to be booked separately. Each cabana can fit from 4 to 6 people together and offers a very amazing luxurious experience to the guests. Guests also get access to VIP services, free towels, and an exclusive menu to enjoy delectable flavors.

Top Rides to Enjoy in Yas Waterworld Tickets

Yas Waterworld Tickets offer access to all the amazing and thrilling rides at one of the world's best Waterparks. The Yas Waterworld Rides are among some of the largest and most adventurous rides in the world. Guests will find all kinds of experiences awaiting them, be it thrilling slides and water coasters or slow rivers where guests can just float and relax. Most of the rides are family or kid-friendly, however, there are some rides that are not allowed for children below a certain height or age. People with serious health conditions too are advised to stay away from certain thrilling rides and experiences.

Tot's Playground Ride Yas
Tot’s Playground

A fun place to visit when the kids have tired themselves out a little. With smaller slides and an infant pool, the Tot's Playground is very safe for even younger kids. Parents too find this ride amazing as they can relax while the young ones have a little fun on their own. Book Now Yas Waterworld Tickets

Thrill Level: Sultans Young Fun

Minimum Height: 150-210 cm

Canon Point Ride
Cannon Point

A water war between Bandit Bombers and visitors at the Cannon Point is the highlight of this ride. As the Bandit Bombers rear ahead from above spraying water on the people standing below, visitors at the cannon point will hit them back with their mighty water cannons. A family activity area, this is loved by both kids and adults.

Thrill Level: Sultans Young Fun

Yehal Ride

A ride for the young toddlers and tiny tots. This ride has 3 amazingly small but slippery slides for the little ones to enjoy as they splash into a paddling pool. A dumping bucket makes sure not a second goes dry as the kids are splashed with water. Experience a good beginning by booking Yas Waterworld Tickets and warm up for the more thrilling rides.

Thrill Level: Sultans Young Fun

Yadi Yas Ride
Yadi Yas

A wild ride as you wind down the crazy Yadi Yas river, gripping hard on your tube. The experience can be enjoyed by the entire family together. The pulse waves of the river will take you on a beautiful wadi ride that is brimming with action. So what are you waiting for Book Now Yas Waterworld Tickets

Thrill Level: Dhabi's Exciting Adventure

Amwaj Wave Pool

An amazing family activity, the AMWAJ ensures good times for its guests. The ebb and flow wave pool is really great to spend time with the entire family as it has no age or height restrictions. The kids too enjoy floating around in the wave pool or having a friendly splash fight. The pearl hanging above creates a beautiful view and serene vibes.

Thrill Level: Dhabi's Exciting Adventure

Cine Splash Yas Waterworld
Cine Splash

A 5D adventure as Dana and her friends move forward on their quest to uncover the 'Legend of the Lost Pearl'. This one-of-a-kind adventure ride takes the whole family on the journey of cinematic greatness and cutting edge effects as the entire cinema fills up with water up to the knees. These special effects and the storyline can be experienced the same by you by booking Yas Waterworld Tickets, Come together for an amazing and unforgettable experience.

Thrill Level: Dhabi's Exciting Adventure

Minimum Height: 110 cm

Water Wars Yas Waterworld
Water Wars

Nothing is as fun as a full-blown water balloon fight. Get your bucket full of water balloons and start the ultimate water war with friends and family. Give yourself a team cry and let the adventure begin as the balloon splashes on you.

Thrill Level: Hamlools Moving and Grooving

Marah Fortress Yas Waterworld
Marah Fortress

The ultimate playground for your young warriors, Marah Fortress has a plethora of rides and activities to be enjoyed by kids. Get down the slides by booking Yas Waterworld Tickets and have fun at the water cannons, dumping buckets, and other features that will keep your kids on the go. The playground even has a water shooting geyser to add to the unlimited action.

Thrill level: Hamlools Moving and Grooving

Al Raha River
Al Raha River

Get relaxed and calm as you are cradled by a tube, floating and enjoying the down winding stream of a lazy river. This 300m long river ride will take you through various adventures, scenic waterfalls, and rain showers. Your journey unfolds as you pass through the Yas Waterworld lost caves with the flow of the steam.

Thrill level: Hamlools moving and grooving

Restaurants at Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi

Some of the Dining and Shopping option are there, you can plan you perfect dinning and shopping experience in yas waterworld

Chubby's Kitchen
Chubby’s Kitchen

Chubby Kitchen is one of the best places to dine in at the Yas Waterworld with your family or friends. The place served authentic flavors of the Arabic, Indian and Western cuisine which is loved by the visitors who book Yas Waterworld Tickets. Since they have a lot of options on the menu, guests from around the globe definitely find something they like to eat and enjoy during the adventure experience. The seating area provides a clear view of the pearl divers and the rollercoaster.

Dana's Diner
Dana’s Diner

Dana's diner is your ultimate spot for a good BBQ wings plate. Take a break from the thrilling rides and grab a delicious sandwich, burger, or salad at this amazing cafe. Their menu offers a good range of drinks to go with your burgers and wings. While waiting for the good to arrive, enjoy the view of the surfers trying their hand at the Bubbles Barrel.

Gahwat Nasser
Gahwat Nasser

The Gahwat Nasser is best to enjoy the authentic Emirati flavors. A more traditional eatery at the theme park, this dine-in place serves a traditional Arabic flavor on its menu. It is also known for paying tribute to the Emirati culture, and its well-liked Arabic coffee. Some other items that visitors find delectable at this place are its camel milk chocolates and fresh dates all can be experienced by you too so Book Now Yas Waterworld Tickets. Guests can even purchase heritage gift boxes to take back home for their loved ones.

Salmas's Shack
Salma’s Snacks Shack

Salma's snack shack is another dine-in option for visitors to grab a healthy snack during their adventurous day. The ace offers a menu brimming with light snacks that will be good to get energized during the rides and various interactions. Guests can enjoy a delicious sandwich, a healthy salad, or a colorful plate of fruits. Kids will definitely love these options and so will the health-conscious adults.

Skinnys Frozen Treats
Skinnys Frozen Treats

Save the best for the last as you enjoy one of the only frozen dessert shops at the Yas Waterworld. Serving for the visitors with a sweet tooth, Skinnys Frozen Treats has a great menu with frozen lemonade, shaved ice, and various flavors of ice cream. Satisfy your cravings at the dessert shop by booking Yas Waterworld Tickets which is a popular spot and favorite of both kids and adults, alike.

Shop at Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi

Jewana Photo
Jewana Photo

With your Yas Waterworld Tickets, you will get access to the amazing Jewana Photo. Visitors can get clicked by professional photographers of the theme park during their adventurous days. At the Jewana Photo, they can purchase the album of their great clicks to take back home with them as souvenirs or memories to cherish.

Tawasa Pearl Shop
Tawasha Pearl Shop

Yas Waterworld pays tribute to the Emirati culture by praising the old tradition of Pearl fishing. The Tawasha Pearl Shop enhances the entire experience by offering visitors the opportunity to get these pearls turned into beautiful jewelry to take back home. Visitors can even buy the pearl at the shop and get it fitted into a jewelry piece of their choice.

Sultan & Sons
Sultan and Sons

Sultan and Sons is the official souvenir shop for Yas Waterworld. You can grab the Yas Waterworld Shirt and other specially branded items to remember this beautiful day when you return home. The shop also has many other souvenirs which visitors can buy, either for themselves or for friends and family back home.

Qaryat Al Jewana
Qaryat Al Jewana

Qaryat Al Jewana is not just a shop, but an entire soul where visitors will find all sorts of things. Store your luggage or get yourself a private prayer room, this place has it all. The changing rooms, lockers, and restaurants too are a great addition for the visitors. And while here guests can shop for souvenirs to take home or essentials that they might need at the theme park.

Know Before you Book Yas Waterworld Tickets

Plan Your Visit to Yas Waterworld and experience hassle free fun.

Location and Timings
Main Facilities
Best Time to Visit
Age and Height Restrictions
Yas Waterworld

Location: Yas Island - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Opening Hours until 31 May:Monday to Thursday, Saturday, Sunday: From 10:00 am– 7:00 pmLadies Day on Fridays: From 1:00 pm - 10:00 pm

How To Reach:

By Bus: Free Abu Dhabi shuttle bus and Yas Island shuttle bus will drop the Visitors directly at the Yas Waterworld.

By Car: Visitors can take their private car or book a rental and drive from Abu Dhabi to Yas Island. This ride takes approximately 22 minutes.

Tips to Remember while Booking Yas Waterworld Tickets

  • To beat long queues and crowded ticket counters, arrive a little before the opening time of the park.
  • Wear appropriate swimwear, not too revealing or short as the park has strict guidelines for the same.
  • Get one of those waterproof electronic bands for yourself so you don't have to carry around a wallet anymore. These can be recharged at the service desk and if you have any remaining credit, they can be easily refunded at the end of the day.
  • Plan your trip to the Yas Waterworld on a weekend if that's possible for you. These days are less crowded and you can enjoy the rides better.
  • Use the free Yas express shuttle to its fullest to go around the theme park. Save the energy for the rides instead of walking around on foot.
  • It is advisable to get your tickets online ahead of time, so you don't have to wait in the queue or get there way too early.
  • Keep yourself and the kids hydrated all day, and make sure to enjoy snacks from time to time to refuel for the adventurous rides.
  • Fridays are reserved for women and children, so men will not be allowed in the park. Plan your trip accordingly.

Other Must Visit Attractions at Yas Island

Warner Bros World
Warner Bros World

Warner Bros World is a new addition to the tourist attractions of Yas Island. The theme park is nestled near Yas Waterworld Park and celebrates the iconic cartoon shows of the Warner Bro Production. Divided into six different sections this park has themed rides based on Looney Toons and Batman. Enjoy the ride to prehistoric times with Flinstones or get a glimpse of the life of the caped crusader Batman. Kids will love visiting this magnificent park while you take the trip to Yas Island. They will enjoy their time interacting with their favorite TV show characters and watching them doing different acts.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
Ferrari World

Abu Dhabi is a favorite of motorsport enthusiasts and car lovers from around the globe. The major reason for this hype is the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi at Yas Island, where almost 37 rides await admirers and enthusiasts. The major attraction of these cars is the Formula Rossa, which is known to be the fastest roller coaster in the world and offers a thrilling experience second to none.

Another highlight of the rides is the Flying Aces, nestled at 53 meters and forms a roller coaster loop. The theme park has also brought the first zip line to the island. Take a walk on the Red roof of the park or enjoy the many roller coasters, it is sure going to be a day of fun and adventure. And the best part is, for a hefty price you can drive a real Ferrari too.

Yas Island Abu Dhabi

Yas Island is a destination that has something for people of all ages. And those who love adventure sports will find themselves thrilled by the CLYMB Abu Dhabi. The place is an indoor skydiving and climbing arena where thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies visiting the island come to have fun. Visitors who are beginners can avail preflight lessons and courses to get a hold of the adventure activity before they take the leap. The climbing wall summit is located in the center and stands tall at the height of 141 feet. The venue has 13 different routes for visitors to try indoor climbing and perfect themselves.

Yas Marina Circuit
YAS Marina Circuit

Ferrari World is not the only attraction that Motorsport enthusiasts will love at Yas Island. Another famous spot for these adventure lovers is the Yas Marina Circuit, which hosts the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix every November. This annual event houses the longest F1 circuit in the world. The Marina Circuit has many racing courses, each one offering a unique experience to the guests. Guests can also drive the race cars of their dreams, including the Aston Martin GT4. The venue also holds regular drag races which visitors can enjoy during their visit.

Cine Splash Yas Waterworld
Etihad Arena

The Etihad Arena is a magnificent venue for some major events and world-class performances at Yas Island. Many world-renowned entertainers, artists, musicians, and sports stars have graced the venue with their presence in grand events in their fields. The largest indoor venue in the Middle East, Etihad Arena's design is a unique feature of the experience. Get an update on the events around your visit at their official website and you might find something you would like to see.

Yas Beach
YAS Beach

Glistening white sand and pristine blue waters await tourists and visitors from around the globe at Yas Beach. The beach is best known for the plethora of water activities and sports it offers to visitors. Guests can enjoy their time by indulging in activities like Kayaking, Sailing, and snorkeling. Some other facilities at the beach include an outdoor gym, delectable restaurants, and amazing cafes for guests to enjoy a bite with a view. Enjoy playing volleyball at the island beach on its designated volleyball court. Beach lovers will find so many experiences and so much to enjoy at this magnificent beach.

FAQs of Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi Tickets

How big is Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi?

    The Yas Waterworld Tickets give access to the 37 acres of sprawling fun and adventurous Waterpark. The 37 acres of Waterpark has around 40 different rides with different thrill levels that can be enjoyed by the entire family. Catering to people and thrill-seekers of all ranges, guests can enjoy rip-roaring rides, slithering slides with various other experiences upon their visit.

How many rides are there in Yas Waterworld?

Why are the ticket prices based on height at Yas Waterworld?

How much is the distance of other attractions at Yas Island from Yas Waterworld?

What are the different types of Yas Waterworld Tickets available?

Can I book my Yas Waterworld Tickets online?

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